Kickball Lives!

by Marianne Richmond on July 6, 2005

An article in today’s WSJ on kickball caught my nostalgic Boomer’s eye… I started thinking about that red ball, recess, and grade school. Red_kickball_1


I would never have imagined back then (way, way back then) that there would be such a thing as WAKA, the World Adult Kickball Association. Kickball, it seems is quite popular  among "recent college graduates" who according to the WSJ "appreciate its combination of minimal physical exertion, ample game-time socializing and postgame drinking." Kickball_and_beer

Sounds like the perfect sport for the recently publicly labeled entitlement generation.

No less an authority than Dr. Mel Levine has proclaimed an epidemic of twentysomethings "who had too much success early in life
and who’ve become accustomed to instant gratification…many of the individuals we see are heavily
committed to something we call ‘fun.’" Must have been all those blue first place ribbons for "participation" that they have….now they are all expecting to graduate from college, put in a hard morning as CEO of General Motors, and play competitive kickball until Happy Hour.

The entitled have responded at Corante by blaming their elders…. for misinforming them. Is not-it one word or two?


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