We are in Ice Cream Heaven

by Marianne Richmond on July 9, 2005

Following the 4th of July dusting off of the ice cream maker with the vanilla caramel pecan ice cream recipe courtesy of a Diva Marketing post we have been including our ice cream maker in our daily routine. Today’s email brought another heavenly picture and two divinely inspired ice cream recipes from 101 Cookbooks. One is titled Batch Family Mountain Cherry Coconut Ice Cream and the other is simply called Cherry Ice Cream. We will be trying one tomorrow night.

101 Cookbooks is the source of our new all time favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, posted in April….this recipe surpassed even our former all time favorite chocolate child cookie recipes from December 2003 and December 2004. Now, I know the exact definition of the perfect chocolate chip cookie varies greatly among aficionados…but for us, the measure is degree of chewiness and the April version is it.

Yes, searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie is a winter pastime and searching for the perfect ice cream concoction is our summer pastime….and just like my Silver Palate cookbooks were for many years the source that never let me down, 101 Cookbooks has become that place in recent times so I have high hopes for the cherry ice cream, although I have not yet decided which recipe to try. The definition for our perfect ice cream concoction is different than our definition for chocolate chip cookies….it is most everything we try that starts with Vanillia Ice Cream and moves on from there.



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