Katrina Tragedy

Sam started school this week and last night his homework included an assignment to list the characteristics that make America unique. Watching the selfless police and rescue workers who no doubt had to leave their own families and homes to assist others, the grim determination of those pushing shopping carts loaded with earthly pocessions, the doctors using canoes to bring in medical supplies, the homemade “help” signs made from who knows what, held up by rooftop survivors, the we are all in this together attitude and the every man for himself attitude of the looters…all that captured the American character. And of course, all the bloggers that urged us to donate and provided links to the Red Cross, Feed The Children, and links to links.

Two Kinds Of People

There are two kinds of people in this world, those that get blogging and those that never will. I know that many Bloggers like to refer to themselves as Evangelists…and I do get THAT (That=It, in this case) For me suffice it to say, I JUST love Blogs. It was love at first sight. The chemistry was there…the relationship has grown and deepened.