Microsoft Tech Support Rocks!

by Marianne Richmond on November 3, 2005

I just got off a 1 1/2 hour tech support call with Microsoft and I am compelled to report that for the second time in about a month they were awesome.  And this has to be in taken in the context of two factors:

#1   The fact that in reality, the 1 1/2 were wasted. The problem and the call were not on my to do list. That alone could be worth a rant.

#2  I am on tech support/customer service overload having had one bad experience after another lately. Typepad is a continuing tech support challenge but last week became a customer service nightmare, also. Although this made for low expectations, it did not lower my requirements.


So, what made it a good experience?

Empathetic attitude and problem ownership. If we believe that the basis for a positive customer experience is knowing what the customer wants, we can go a little further back and say that what we all want is to be understood. The problem that I called about what was my fault….I knew that, but I was never told that; fault didn’t matter. So many customer service/tech experiences begin with finding fault…if it is the customer’s fault, then frequently that grants permission to dismiss the customer with a "sorry but".  Further, they apologized for the problem that I was having and assured me that we would resolve it. Computer problems are always frustrating but when there is that underlying fear that one is going to lose everything near-panic sets in…I felt better just because I was reassured that the problem was going to be fixed.

Throughout the long, long call an empathetic manner and determination to find the problem and fix it were the hallmark. I was not transferred to another department or told that the Outlook specific question was not in his purview. When the problem was resolved from my standpoint, the tech wanted to trouble shoot a little more…to make sure the problem was solved. He had more patience that I did with resolving the problem. When the call was over, he said he hoped that my experience had been a good one and he sounded like he meant it…when I told him that he had been great, he seemed genuinely pleased.

Well, now I think I will try and salvage the day…and just because things are resolved with Microsoft and possibly Typepad, maybe I will try those Technorati tags again….and a couple of trackbacks.

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