Twas NOT the Night For Technorati Tags

by Marianne Richmond on November 27, 2005

T’was the Night for Technorati (Or was it?)

T’was the night for tag testing
    And all through the house
Would Technorati be stirring
    After I clicked my mouse                                                                                                       

The tags were entered as everyone said
    as visions of better rankings danced in my head
And even though it seemed so much crap
     And my brain definitely needed a nap

Away to the keyboard, I flew like a flash
    Praying that Typepad would not crash
The code in the bookmarklet began to show
    I pasted it hopefully in the post below

When what to my skeptical eye should appear
    But an actual tag, it is very clear
And though we can’t be sure it will stick
    and my fascination does seem kind of sick

All of the time wasted seems like a shame
    But for that I only have myself to blame
And really finishing this only adds to the mix
    Of not focusing on what might create more clicks

So one more check, just a short post
    To see if my blog can be like most

But it is not meant to be true
    Even new codes don’t seem to break though

Now Typepad! Now Technorati!   
    Tech support does not answer
Not emails!  Not posts!   
     It just doesn’t matter

Just a little attention
    Might make such a difference
An explanation!  A solution!
    Anything but confusion

That’s all!   That’s all!

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