Lies, Damn Lies, and Lists

It’s that time of year again….525,600 minutes to measure and another 525,600 minutes to resolve: New Year’s Resolution lists, the review of 2005’s list and the making of the 2006 list. Technorati is tracking resolutions by blog, by minute (looks like about a post per minute) and Dave Sifry’s Alerts explains how to tag them.… Continue reading Lies, Damn Lies, and Lists


I have not had much success using any of the available blog posting tools such as ecto…I can acccept everyone elses rave reviews, but for me one of my biggest frustrations with Typepad is working on a post and then for one reason or another having it vanish before I hit "save" or "publish". The… Continue reading Performancing

Google Grants: Search Advertising for Non-Profits

USA Today ran a story today about Google Grants, the in-kind advertising program for non-profits utilizing Google Ad-Words. According to USA Today, Google has given away $33 million dollars to 850 non-profits over the last two years.To participate, an organization must have 501(c)(3)status, and share Google’s "philosophy of community service and have a strong mission to… Continue reading Google Grants: Search Advertising for Non-Profits

Missing Santa Claus

In December of 1993 when my oldest son was three I read a column in the Wall Street Journal by David Chartrand called "A Father’s Letter to Santa." It was one of those moments where the words on a page, written by a total stranger, simply and succinctly captured something for me that I couldn’t… Continue reading Missing Santa Claus

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Core Assets and Social Capital

In Forrester Research’s weekly update,  Charlene Li writes, "Yahoo! bought social bookmarking and tagging leader to add bookmark tagging to its social computing portfolio. The value of tagging is that when individuals label something online, they call it out as valuable. If enough people tag Yahoo!-stored assets as, then the collective intelligence of the masses… Continue reading Core Assets and Social Capital

Blogging at the Institute with Danny Wedding

A required class on Mental Health Policy , offered in the evening was not high on my list of classes I was anticipating to like at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work in the fall of 2003. But I was not anticipating Professor Danny Wedding….the class was awesome! Besides being an authority on… Continue reading Blogging at the Institute with Danny Wedding

Update from the Tag Patrol

Technorati has announced a new ping page which allows one-click pinging for signed-in members with  claimed blogs. The page lets you know that Technorati your pings are getting through and that Technorati has visited your blog. This is helpful.  But as A Consuming Experience points out and I will quote,  there is still that maddening… Continue reading Update from the Tag Patrol

Words, Buzzwords, Tags, and Buzztags

Have You Updated your Buzzwords? That is the question being asked by Kathy Sierra at Creating Passionate Users….one of the blogs I would absolutely want to have access to should I find myself on the proverbial desert Island. She says that we are on Internet time, baby and last month’s buzzwords quickly become like email, … Continue reading Words, Buzzwords, Tags, and Buzztags