by Marianne Richmond on December 29, 2005

I have not had much success using any of the available blog posting tools such as ecto…I can acccept everyone elses rave reviews, but for me one of my biggest frustrations with Typepad is working on a post and then for one reason or another having it vanish before I hit "save" or "publish". The very first time I tried to use ecto I watched in complete horror as the very same thing happened. Even having Technorati tags is not worth losing a post.

So, having read about Performancing for Firefox at Blog Herald the other day I downloaded it and then oddly enough, actually read the step-by-step instructions. One slight problem…I could not find the little notepad icon anywhere; the icon that starts the whole process.

Now, strange behavior is no stranger to my computer. Last week, all of the bookmarklets on my toolbar stopped working…no explanation or intentional act on my part. After some trial and error I discovered that they now worked in a sidebar that I didn’t know I had….since no one could explain the demise of the toolbar except to mumble that one-size-fits-all phrase "virus",   I decided that the path of least resistance was just to use the sidebar and hope that the funcionality would return to my toolbar just as spontaneously as it left.

When the icon for Performancing could not be found…I decided it must be part of the Toolbar Effect. Tonight, when I thought I would investigate a little further I clicked on something that said toolbar and miraculously the little notepad icon appeared, and here I am testing Performancing. The toolbar is still not functional.
So, without further delay I am going to give Performancing for Firefox the option to publish and tag for me.

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