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How to Save the World (tags: innovation, design, entrepreneurship, business) ::HorsePigCow:: life uncommon: Marketing Case Study: Blogging & the $30 Dye-Job (tags: marketing, blogging, case study) Reinventing the Marketing Organization: Five Critical Components (tags: marketing, ROI, organization, strategy) – Move Over, Coke (tags: WOMM, marketing, buzz, distribution) John Hope Bryant (tags: social entrepreneurship) Technorati… Continue reading links for 2006-02-01

The Neuroscience of Online Relationships and Marketing

The Edge Foundation asked a number of the world’s greatest scientists this past December to answer the question: What is your dangerous idea? One answer came from Daniel Goleman who is best known as the author of Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence was one of those books that everybody talked about, but not everybody that talked… Continue reading The Neuroscience of Online Relationships and Marketing

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Technorati Commitment to Bettering Customer Support

Technorati announces that they have hired a fulltime Customer Support Specialist. I guess that explains a lot about the absence of Technorati customer support in the past….the porch light was on but no one was home. Good luck to Janice Myint. Among her credentials is a second degree black belt. Hope she won’t need that… Continue reading Technorati Commitment to Bettering Customer Support

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Adbusters : The Magazine – #63 The Big Ideas of 2006 / We’re Cracking the Neural Code, the Brain’s Secret Language (tags: Neuroscience) BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » Exploding the conference business (tags: conferences) Viral HQ | viral ad, viral ads, viral advertising, viral ad videos, viral clip, buzz, word of mouth, word of mouse,… Continue reading links for 2006-01-31

Well it is Disruptive

According to the MIT Advertising Lab there is “finally a shelf talker that actually talks.” Oh goody! The Shelf Ads start talking when an unsuspecting shopper stops at the shelf. The P.O.P Shelf Ads web site says that the advertising message is delivered to the shopper at the time they are considering buying. I guess… Continue reading Well it is Disruptive

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N-TEN Connect: > Asking the Wrong Questions (tags: nonprofits, blogging) Advocacy Institute: Key Questions for Beginning E-Advocacy (tags: non-profit , social justice, blogs) Beth’s Blog: Notes for Berkman Conversation (tags: nptech, nonprofit , blogging) WonderBranding: Marketing to Women: Opening Gestures (tags: branding, presentations, facilitation) Marketing – The Bold Approach Method: Best Buy’s Customer Deconstruction Process… Continue reading links for 2006-01-30

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MarketingBlurb: NPD Study Confirms Women Control Purchases (tags: marketing to women, marketing, market research) GNIF Brain Blogger (tags: Neuroscience, blogs) Study: Viral Marketing Gaining in Popularity (tags: viral, WOMMA)

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Yet Another Unitarian Universalist » Porting BarCamp to religion… (tags: conferences, unconference) ‘Stanford On ITunes’ Is For Everybody – (tags: education, itunes, podcasting) (tags: blog blogs, business small) Using Word of Mouth: Civic Ventures (tags: WOMMA WOMBAT Baby Boomers Civic Ventures Purpose Prize)