A Personal Note: Matt Gossage Leaves MICDS

by Marianne Richmond on March 3, 2006

Matt Gossage, the Head of MICDS (Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School) announced last week that he was leaving to head the Cannon School in Concord, N.C. My youngest son is in the seventh grade at MICDS and has been at MICDS since the first grade; my hope is that he will remain in the MICDS class of 2011 through graduation. So far, so good.

I am deeply disappointed that Matt Gossage will not be there to hand him his diploma. His departure is a loss to MICDS and therefore to myself and my family. We wish the Gossage family the best, but we will miss them.

Matt came to MICDS in 1994, shortly before we moved back to St. Louis. Matt has provided exceptional leadership and sound judgment to difficult issues over those twelve years that gave meaning to the words in the school’s mission, written during his tenure, think critically, live virtuously and compassionately.

I can look at my own son, who has thrived at MICDS, and know that Matt Gossage was leading the school in a positive direction; and I can look at Matt’s children and see that not only is he an awesome leader, he is an awesome father.

Each month Matt writes "ending point" for the school newsletter. I always look forward to reading it. This month he wrote, "It is my hope that our school and our homes will continue to provide the spaces for children to discuss these dilemmas that life poses….I hope we can use the 24 hours entrusted to us as we work together with these children to give them the places to talk about the tough decisions between good and good."

I don’t know for sure, but I do wonder if Matt was talking about leaving MICDS. I do know that his departure poses a dilemma for the parents and children of MICDS. Knowing that he must believe that it is the right decision, we are nonetheless sad to see him go.

As a classmate of my son said to his mother, "But Mom, Mr. Gossage knows my name." Yes, he does seem to know everyone’s name… and we will always remember his.

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