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Bokardo » Web 2.0 Talk – Leveraging the Network, though providing very cool tagging features, is mostly about a single person remembering items for later. (tags: 2.0 , ,design, networks ,software social_software usability business network) toread – an email-based bookmark service Very cool way of organizing more things to read…later, of course. (tags: web… Continue reading links for 2006-05-01

Zadi Diaz-SlaveSpotlight: Media Slave, Life in Permanent Beta

<p><p>Zadi Diaz-SlaveSpotlight</p></p> You are invited to visit Media-Slaves where the spoltlight is on Zadi Diaz, mistress of video. Zadi is interviewed by our mobile slave and blog designer, the lovely and talented, Debi "MOBILE" Jones. The Media Slaves, Slave Spotlight …one slave down and three slaves to go.  Show notes In the beginning. From the… Continue reading Zadi Diaz-SlaveSpotlight: Media Slave, Life in Permanent Beta

links for 2006-04-26

MediaPost Publications – Web U: Search Your Site for Answers – 04/12/2006 It.s all about me…track yourself tips. (tags: seo ,search, blogs, sem, metrics, links, search engine, google, yahoo, msn) MediaPost Publications – Viacom Buys Gaming, Social Networking Service – 04/25/2006 (tags: social networks, web 2.0. Viacom, on-line gaming, blogs,media,advertising,social media,data mining) | Media… Continue reading links for 2006-04-26

links for 2006-04-24

Ten video sharing services compared – DV Guru ratings for video sharing sites….beyond YouTube (tags: video, web2.0, youtube, media, digital, reviews, video sharing, blogs. blogging) Actual advertising in a virtual world – Technology – International Herald Tribune real ads in virtual world. (tags: adidas, gaming, internet video ,advertising, media, MMO) For MySpace, Making Friends Was… Continue reading links for 2006-04-24

YouTube, NotYourTube, or YourBoobTube: This is What It Looks Like

YouTube users add 35,000 videos each day and viewers view 30 million videos each day according to Newsweek. Anyone can download a video, any video can be emailed; in minutes you can download a DIY video, a TV show, or a commercial or a combination of any or all of these. Members can set up… Continue reading YouTube, NotYourTube, or YourBoobTube: This is What It Looks Like

links for 2006-04-23 – a cool blend of and (tags: web2.0,,social software)

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My Virtual Life Life imitating, art, imitating life. (tags: games, online, second life, MMOG, advertising, marketing, social media, networks, communities) Fifty Ways to Take Notes » Solution Watch Great list of note taking tools…even includes voice notes. (tags: blog, web2.0, write, writing, personal productivity, design ,tools ,notetaking ,research, reference, social software)

links for 2006-04-21

SON-OF-A-PITCH: GM Takes Grassroots Approach with New Blog GM launches employee blog, FYI. (tags: corporate blogs, blog marketing, PR, business media, GM, FYI) Freevlog How to tools. (tags: video ,vlog ,blog ,videoblog tutorial ,Videoblogging) Interactivefactpack06.pdf (application/pdf Object) 2006, state of interactive. (tags: interactive, social media, conversational RSS, advertising, mobile, games,search)

Join Us For The Debut of Media Slaves Podcast…Life in Permanent Beta

                               We are very excited to announce that the Media Slaves Podcast series is up and running! What is the topic for the first podcast?… Continue reading Join Us For The Debut of Media Slaves Podcast…Life in Permanent Beta

links for 2006-04-20 – Can Bloggers Make Money? And the answer is… depends. (tags: Blogs, bloggers, monetize,Google Adsense, advertising, media, business model) Mobile Phones Could Soon Rival the PC As World’s Dominant Internet Platform Can you hear me NOW? (tags: mobile, advertising, internet, marketing, Face of the Web 2005) MySpace for the Office (tags: social networks, corporate… Continue reading links for 2006-04-20