User Generated Content: Selling Naming Rights for Your Baby

An article in the Wall Street Journal notes, "A little boy came into the world last Friday at 2:19PM, weighing 6 pounds, 11 ounces. His name: ChamberMaster Mead–after a software company that won the naming rights in a charitable auction mounted by his father….for two weeks, paying $375." Horizon Industries, a consulting firm, according to… Continue reading User Generated Content: Selling Naming Rights for Your Baby

links for 2006-04-05

COKE UNVEILS NEW AD THEME: ‘HAPPINESS IN A BOTTLE’ Coke gets it. (tags: digital, interactive, adveretising, marketing, extrinsic/instrinsic branding)

Toby Bloomberg on Corporate Blogging

Toby Bloomberg of Diva Marketing is quoted in a recent article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, Businesses Wake Up To Blogs. She makes the point that connected consumers are conversing on line about brands and businesses and that businesses should join the on line conversation by blogging. Blogs provide businesses an opportunity to provide information,… Continue reading Toby Bloomberg on Corporate Blogging

links for 2006-04-04

Don’t call us … – Technology – Mobile phones as social symbols/status symbol for the e generation…quantity vs quality;fascinating! (tags: mobile, social media, networks,adolescents, peer pressure,IM, text messages)

links for 2006-04-03

Neuromarketing » Brains and BMW Aimed at the brain…shocking! (tags: Neuroscience, advertising, marketing, MRI) April 1, 2006 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In case one is not enough (tags: culture, wikipedia , blogs,bloggers,humor) ://URLFAN – Ranking sites in the Web 2.0 world Interesting blog tool…look who is talking. (tags: blog , web2.0, ranking ,tools, technology… Continue reading links for 2006-04-03

links for 2006-04-02

Anecdote: Antidotes to the metaphors we live by From Anecdote, metaphors to facilitate by. (tags: facilitation , metaphors, language, culture, ideas) The Artful Manager: Music and Media Musical Microbreweries…music is preferred as a service to subscibe to rather than a product to purchase, user generated content is disrptive to existing media players, and fragmentation on… Continue reading links for 2006-04-02