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The Waving Cat » Blog Archive » Game research, online collaboration great resource on game research and online collaboration… (tags: online games, research, behavior, cognitive, Neuroscience ,social networks)

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Business 2.0:The Untapped Search Business – May 1, 2006 mass market web search is dead. good enough Algorithm is not good enough. (tags: search, marketing, web 2.0) BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » You link, therefore you are or aren’t. (tags: web2.0, media, identity, social networks, links, conversational blogs) CRM News: CRM Systems: Firm Builds Social… Continue reading links for 2006-05-28

Net Squared Live Online!

The Net2 conference begins on May 30th in Santa Clara and if like me you are not one of the lucky 350 participants, Marshall Kirkpatrick informed me that there is a remote conference, live online at How cool is that going to be? There is chat which features "special Q&A sessions with NetSquared speakers… Continue reading Net Squared Live Online!

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Media Life Magazine where did all the cool kids go? (tags: bebo, social networks, MySpace, media, blogs)

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John Battelle’s Searchblog: Another Hitwise: MySpace Sends 8.2% of Traffic to Google, Implications MySpace needs internal search. (tags: MySpace, search, blogs,media, advertising, social media, networking) / Media & internet / Dealing with Google – MySpace seeks link with Google or Microsoft MySpace needs search…and searches for it. (tags: MySpace, search, blogs, advertising, media, Google,… Continue reading links for 2006-05-24

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Podcast Directory and Reviews of Podcasts — IdiotVox Directory of podcasts and video…cool. (tags: podcasting , resference, RSS, search, video, media, music)

St. Louis Bloggers Lunch #2: Welcome Scott Ginsberg, Matt Homann, and Evan Schaeffer (and Welcome Home Matt!)

Friday’s St. Louis Bloggers lunch was even better than the last one with the addition of Scott Ginsberg, Matt Homann, and Evan Schaeffer….and Matt had a great expand the concept of lunch idea for next month with the working title of, Soulard Idea Market. More details to follow. We covered many topic that included blogging… Continue reading St. Louis Bloggers Lunch #2: Welcome Scott Ginsberg, Matt Homann, and Evan Schaeffer (and Welcome Home Matt!)

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Podcasting News: Dunlop Tires Using Video Podcasts to Expand Reach (tags: podcasting, social media, advertising, marketing, video podcasting) CMO Pete Blackshaw hits the nail on the head: word of mouth begins with customer affairs….or ends there! (tags: customer ,conversations, advertising, relationships, marketing, CRM, brands, service)

MyGrace: The Other Blog Evangelists

Inspired by a member of his congregation that used MySpace to attract listeners for his rock band, Rev. Patrick Gray, am Episcopal priest from Boston set up a MySpace profile, the Advent, to attract listeners to his sermons. His site includes reminders about service times as well as audio files of the choir. The graphics… Continue reading MyGrace: The Other Blog Evangelists