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Why Alexa Is Worthless « John Chow dot Com (tags: Alexa, search, rank, tools) NoteMesh – collaborate to graduate (tags: school ,sharing ,research, resource ,online ,cool ,education lsocial software) iMedia Connection: 5 Brands Make Their Mark on MySpace (tags: MySpace, Brands, Advertising, Social Media) iMedia Connection: How to Talk WITH Your Customers – A fit… Continue reading links for 2006-10-01

The World is Flat And Now So Is Facebook…the kids are not happy.

At least the sample size of two that I live with who responded to the question{aire}. Last week after it was announced that Facebook, long the exclusive territory of those with an edu email address was going to throw open their doors to everyone. There had been an intermediate stop that allowed employees of certain… Continue reading The World is Flat And Now So Is Facebook…the kids are not happy.

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How to use your PC and Webcam as a motion-detecting and recording security camera – Simplehelp I Spy. (tags: webcam, security, how to, video) Brains On Fire Blog » Blog Archive » Intel Multiplies in Social Media Interview with Intel; how to integrate social media into marketing. (tags: Viral marketing, Intel, MySpace, Youtube, integration, blog,… Continue reading links for 2006-09-29

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Vitamin Features » The MySpace problem A good design is the one that works. (tags: MySpace, social networks, design, media) russell davies: my schtick awesome (tags: advertising, branding ,marketing, presentations, strategy, account planning)

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Verizon Wakes Up To Blogs and Social Media (tags: Sprint, customer service, blogs, social media)

Online Social Networks: Counting Friends or Friends That Count?

I was reading about Friends For Families on TechCrunch the other day and my initial reaction was, how pathetic that it has come to this. Friends for Families is described by TechCrunch as a kind of for families. TechCrunch references a study as a "rationale" for the site’s creation that says that 25% of… Continue reading Online Social Networks: Counting Friends or Friends That Count?

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Is There a Blog Conundrum? In a word, yes; see comments. (tags: blogs, bloging, social media)

links for 2006-09-24 – The Undateables dating 2.0 (tags: web 2.0. social networking, blogs, online dating, media) Results of New Influencers blogger survey (tags: survey, bloggers, influence, media. scoail media)

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The Generator Blog lots of good stuff (tags: blog marketing cool reference tools tutorial) Brains On Fire Blog » Blog Archive » Marketing Numbers That Are Good to Know people, people, people….one question not asked. The cost of not knowing. (tags: ROI, Business, acquisition, costs, expense, marketing)

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HELLO, my name is BLOG: Lessons learned from a job that sucked (tags: advertising blog blogs business code) How to use for blogger categories – Freshblog (tags: blogger, hacks, tags)