Is Blogging An Attitude That Can Be Taught? If you have the right attitude….

by Marianne Richmond on November 5, 2006

I just received a participant’s copy of  the study Thinking Like A Blogger: Is Blogging an Attitude That Can Be Taught? conducted by Nora Ganin, PhD and Eric Mattson. The full study is published by the Society of New Communications Research and available for purchase through Lulu.

Two hundred and sixty-six bloggers invited to participate in the study; 80 bloggers responded and their answers to the  on-line survey are the basis of the study. According to the report the 80 bloggers represent "some of the best business blogs and most successful independent blogs in existence as well as smaller, less well known blogs." In looking at the data provided it looked like they had a reasonably representative sample in terms of number of visitors, feed subscribers, link counts and length of time blogging to lend credibility to their results. They mentioned several well known bloggers by name as having participated in the study: Shel Israel, John Winsor, David Carter, and Hugh MacLeod.

In a nutshell, a  majority of bloggers in this study believe that the attitude and behavior associated with effective blogging can be taught but there is a caveat:  If you have a blog compliant attitude that encompasses the open, transparent, and authentic culture of effective blogging. See Diva Marketing for elaboration of the culture of blogs.

For businesses, the question was, given the willingness to be open, transparent and authentic, could the activity of blogging be taught. The answer was "yes." The answer was also "yes" that businesses could be taught to be "blog like" without actually blogging.

Overall message: Blogs are "the best current communication tool for humanizing a business," and to be effective, require transparency, passion, authenticity and two way communication. However, being transparent, passionate, authentic and truthful should be the way business is conducted and this attitude can be taught; and those who operate with that attitudes can probably be taught to blog; those who don’t learn the attitude, probably cannot be taught to blog.

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