links for 2006-12-31

When the Got-Its that Don’t Get It is Good (tags: blogs, social media, strumpette) Digitas Aims to Keep Edge, Lead in Global Realm – (tags: advertising, business models, interative, agencies) Bloggers Link to ‘Web 2.0’ More Than Any Other Wikipedia Entry In 2006 (tags: web2.0, attention, links, blogs, social bookmarking) Nigel Hollis » Research… Continue reading links for 2006-12-31

President John Edwards Delivers The State of The Blogosphere: Part II

Back in July, following John Edwards attendance at Gnomedex, I wrote a blog post suggesting that if John Edwards was elected President in 2008 he would be the first Social Media President. Well, he is definitely the first Social Media candidate.  The Washington Post coverage yesterday was titled, "Edwards Turns to Non-Traditional Campaign Model"… Continue reading President John Edwards Delivers The State of The Blogosphere: Part II

links for 2006-12-30

STLtoday – News – St. Louis City / County Missouri’s Commission on Retirement, Removal and Discipline. Most of what the commission does is informal and secret. But the commission does have the power to recommend anything from a public reprimand to removal of the judge from office. (tags: Dierker, St. Louis Judges, legal, judicial removal)… Continue reading links for 2006-12-30

links for 2006-12-29

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr’s Blog: Sharecropping the long tail Bokardo: The value of self expression (tags: 2.0 ,attention,Attention Economy,networking, socialmedia, social networks, UGC) Rocket Science or a matter of common sense? Some friendly suggestions for providers of so called “network connectivity” on conferences Nicole Simon confronts the wi-fi elephant in the conference. (tags: conference blogging,… Continue reading links for 2006-12-29

links for 2006-12-27

Social Networking Awards – The Top Social Networks of 2006 – Mashable! (tags: social media , networks, trends) ‘Alpha Moms’ pitch Nintendo Wii – Los Angeles Times (tags: Wii, WOM, viral, MOMs) Google Maps Mania: 25 Things to do with Google Maps mashups From Rexblog (tags: google maps. google, tools, web 2.0)

Happy Holidays!!

 Christmas always seems to bring upon reflection and the need to find and express some insightful meaning from the experience …this combination usually results in the inability to say much of anything due to the fact that, upon reflection, the self imposed goal of meaningful seems to inhibit rather than inspire its achievement. I… Continue reading Happy Holidays!!

links for 2006-12-24 Rex Hammock’s weblog » Blog Archive » Theory of the day: Mocking bloggers is funny because it’s not funny except to people who know why it’s funny Rex has the last laugh. (tags: WSJ, blogs, blogging) Recruiting a Team of Mouths To Start Product Discussions – (tags: WOM, brands, brand ambassadors) Court Ruling… Continue reading links for 2006-12-24

links for 2006-12-23

Deep Jive Interests » But Is The Blogosophere Self-Regulating? Don’t Delude Yourself (tags: blogging. ethics, attention, regulation) John Battelle’s Searchblog: Packaged Goods Media v. Conversational Media: Part Two (tags: 2.0, media, socialmedia ,battelle ,conversational media) Packaged Goods Media vs. Conversational Media, Part One (Updated) Part1 (tags: media, 2.0, battelle, conversational social media) Data Mining: Text… Continue reading links for 2006-12-23