How Do You Keep In Touch with Family and Friends?

Last week Jeremiah asked people to share their media consumption diet. There were a number of responses. At the time that I responded,only Chris Saad and Brian Keith mentioned that they used the major social networks as a source of communication. Twitter did receive slightly more attention, but then again, exchanging answers to the question… Continue reading How Do You Keep In Touch with Family and Friends?

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Digg Is The Apotheosis Of Niche Media » Publishing 2.0 great discussion in comments (tags: Digg, social media, influence, niche, media) Beyond NewsMastering: Yahoo! Pipes Is The Internet RSS Remixer – Overview And Reports – Robin Good’s Latest News (tags: Yahoo Pipes, design , mashup ,RSS, web2.0 marketing) BBC – Radio Five Live – Pods… Continue reading links for 2007-02-27

What Kind of Media Do We Call a TV Show on Fox News That is ABOUT Blogs?

OK, this is for real and Michelle Malkin is one of the hosts and it is called "Its Out There." I agree, just not sure where it is. The Bad Guy says it owes a lot to Entertainment Tonight. I would agree. He also wonders where the blogger shows are on other networks since Fox… Continue reading What Kind of Media Do We Call a TV Show on Fox News That is ABOUT Blogs?

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Traffic measuring continued: Why Compete doesn’t work, and why Quantcast does (tags: metrics, analytics, Alexa, Google Analytics, Compete, Quantcast)

Media Consumption Diet

Jeremiah Owyang has started a meme on personal media consumption and asked that others join in…Media 2.0 Workgroup members Chris Saad and Peter Kim,have posted responses and Brian Keith, Martin McKeay, Zac Echola also. So here goes, following Jeremiah’s format: (most used at top, least used at bottom) Web: Primarily, I use RSS via Netvibes… Continue reading Media Consumption Diet

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MyDD :: 08 Democratic Campaign Web Analysis (tags: cam08blog) Burnt Orange Report: Our Eyes Are Upon You, Texas. (tags: cam08blog) | 02/24/2007 | Clinton focuses on women, tech crowd (tags: cam08blog) Blogger takes on Land Rover, aggressively (tags: customer service, land rover, blogs) Scoop – The Häagen-Dazs Flavor Search (tags: UGC, CPG, marketing) FeedBurner:… Continue reading links for 2007-02-25

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On politics, when you add “social” to media | BlogHer (tags: cam08blog) CorpBlawg » Visualizing blog language data (tags: Many Eyes, Visualization, tools, blogs, data, conversation)

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Cultivating a Blog Community in 10 Steps – Part 1 | Blog Posts (tags: community, social networks, media) Do You Trust Me? (tags: Trust, advertising, marketing, research) Bud.TV Comes Under Fire (tags: advertising , social networks, monitoring, media) The Marketing Consortium : Social Media and Customer Centricity (tags: social media, Peter Kim, media 2.0, customer… Continue reading links for 2007-02-22

Personal Immediacy 2.0

The other night, on a Skype chat with Chris Saad and Toby Bloomberg, we reached a point in discussing an issue where we needed input on a specific point..Chris immediately said, "Let me see if he is on Skype and we can add him to the discussion." OK, well no big deal you say? We… Continue reading Personal Immediacy 2.0

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Seven steps to remarkable customer service – Joel on Software (tags: customer service, remarkable, marketing) | Educators can manage course content with Moodle (tags: Moodle, education, academics) Explaining Web2.0 and social media to non-geeks “For social media applications, it’s going to be the facilitation of collaboration, community and connectedness that determine uptake and true… Continue reading links for 2007-02-21