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Mindmapping Audiences and Tasks for Category and Keyword Development – SEO by the SEA (tags: SEO, Mindmaps, targeting, audience)

The Perfect Personalized Baby Shower Gift Under $10: A Domain to Match The Name

My niece and godchild is expecting the birth of her first child, a son, in July. The baby shower is next Saturday. What to get them as a gift? Well, they posted his ultra-sound on MySpace….an auspicious online beginning (Hey Em check this out!) A domain name from GoDaddy, for sure. What good were those… Continue reading The Perfect Personalized Baby Shower Gift Under $10: A Domain to Match The Name

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The High Price of Creating Free Ads – New York Times (tags: Heinz, CPG, CGC, CGM, social media, advertising) GigaOM Facebook aims to be Social OS « (tags: Facebook, social software, media, web2.0) NPR : State-of-the-Art Ads Are Increasingly One-to-One (tags: WOM, brand ambassadors, ethics, social media)

Obama Adds an App to Facebook

Barrack Obama has 81,114 supporters on Facebook. He also has hired Facebook founder Chris Hughes. Facebook launched Facebook Platform a few days ago which makes third party applications available for your Facebook profile. These apps range from Causes to Twitter to Obama ’08. The Institute for Politics Democracy & the Internet Blog  said that the… Continue reading Obama Adds an App to Facebook

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How to Save the World “Breathe. There is no difference between a deep breath and a sigh. Breathe. Focus. Pay attention. Practice. There is so much work to do, and we must be ready, capable. Just breathe, until we know what to do next.” (tags: David Pollard)

May I Have Your Attention Please? PARTICLS Launches Public Beta

  OK, I love Particls. It has tamed the continuous partial attention demon that I was constantly battling and in fact, does exactly what my favorite twenty something Australian entrepreneur, Chris Saad, writes it is supposed to do:  alerts you to important news and information while you work. Duncan Riley, writing on TechCrunch calls Particls… Continue reading May I Have Your Attention Please? PARTICLS Launches Public Beta


My youngest son has, shall we say, does not have the best track record with laptops. In all fairness, they have been hand me downs. After the demise of my former Toshiba (after 3 hard drives and 1 mother board while I was using it, I will never buy another Toshiba) he began "borrowing" my… Continue reading BestBuy?

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Groundswell (Incorporating Charlene Li’s Blog): Personal Democracy Forum Report: Pew’s Lee Rainie “Quick analysis: 2008 is the tipping point for online politics. In 2008 what’s happens online will drive a lot of the media coverage. In 2012, it will displace a lot of that media coverage.” Josh Bernoff (tags: campaign08 , social media, Forrester, Pew)

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How to Change the World: The Art of Creating a Community (tags: community, social networking)