The Latest Poll on Blogging Words and Things that Make you Wince Into the Night

by Marianne Richmond on June 21, 2007

Yahoo News reports that according to a recent poll conducted by YouGov that was commissioned by the LuLu Blooker Prize, the words folksonomy, blog and blogosphere are the top three words most likely to make one "wince, shudder or want to bang your head on the keyboard."

OK, is your first question what is the LuLu Blooker Prize? Second question, who is YouGov?

Well, if like me you didn’t have a clue but clicked on the links provided you know that Lulu is described on their web page as "the web’s premier independent publishing marketplace for digital do-it-yourselfers….a technology company not a publisher." In other words, Lulu will take your blog, website or webcomic and publish it. (Webcomic was new to me also, which makes this post a personal learning experience for me, which is one of the reasons I like blogging, even though the use of the word could cause unseemly physical reactions in others.

A blook, is a blog that becomes a book. Apparently Jeff Jarvis invented the term and won a contest for his efforts. Blook was the 5th most annoying term according to the LuLu commissioned YouGov poll.

So….now YouGov, is not "gov" as in government agency like for instance or but is a research company that among other things, conducts polls for companies seeking answers to questions like: Is my company’s product the one most likely to cause people to wince, shudder or bang their head on a keyboard or is it the 5th most likely?

But, people dug it; they blogged about it …perhaps for the reason ars technica indicated, filling up a slow news day.

Jack Schofield at the Guardian regrets that no, less annoying, alternatives were provided in the report.

 Eric Berlin at Online Media Cultist asks whether that many people have really heard of folksonomy. Probably a valid question.

He also says that his personal most hated word is, MySpace. His issue is not with MySpace as used to refer to the social network itself, but the use of the term " my MySpace" which he seems to believe indicates a belief that your space (your profile, your blog, your page) is MySpace instead of your MySpace profile, MySpace blog, or MySpace page.

 He uses the example:  "I blogged about my turtles on my MySpace" to illustrate his concern with what seems to be perhaps that we believe we are our social networks?

Techfold alludes to the annoyance factor of web2.0 terms in general and mentions that Webomatica has a page devoted to Weblogisms.

After an initial discomfort level with the words blog and blogosphere.…along with a request from my kids a couple of years ago to promise never to use the word blogosphere in their presence because it was just so stupid sounding…I am reasonably okay with blog vernacular.

 I think I can say that most probably the discomfort (which maybe included a wince, a shudder, but never keyboard head banging) was due to the newness, the unfamiliarity; that using the word "blog", or saying "I write a blog" , or mentioning "the blogosphere" to those outside the blogosphere frequently required an explanation that seemed to only lead to the use of more words unfamiliar to the listener. Follow up questions sometimes were asked in a definite tone….often followed by, "Are you making any money doing that?"

"How’s that blogging of yours coming?" might be a follow up question at a later date. And they were really thinking thoughts probably captured in a Hugh Mcleod cartoon.

Well, I don’t believe I can recall a recent blogosphere comment from my kids. OK, so their concern now is that I might friend them on Facebook (and they both blocked me from even trying even after I assured them I had my own friends).

Yahoo also reported that the Collins English Dictionary recently added a number of social media terms such as "me media" and "Godcast" to their ninth edition.

Well, bang your head on your keyboard if you have to… I do smile every time I hear the TV anchors say, "And now, lets ask the bloggers…."

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