What Message Does Your Mobile Phone Send?

by Marianne Richmond on July 11, 2007

According to the single women 18-35 who participated in a recent Samsung sponsored survey, your mobile phone speaks volumesabout you: 32% of respondents indicated that a lot could be told about someone by the type of mobile they use.

 In fact, this survey indicated that single mobile women, SMW, believe that mobile devices play an important roles in dating, relationships, fashion and life organization. The tidbits:

  • 73% use their mobile instead of a traditional paper address book; average number of contacts is 63.
  • 74% check the time on their mobile versus a watch.
  • 12% said they would be less interested in someone who had a "big bulky cell phone."
  • 34% have had a friend call them on their mobile to interrupt a bad date.
  • 78% gave out their mobile number to a potential date: 40% used technical problems with their mobile to avoid someone they weren’t interested in.
  • 70% said they perused the phone numbers and text messages of their significant others.
  • 39% experienced regret for text messages that they had sent, 48% used text messages to "flirt", and 13% said that text messages could be sent more quickly following a date than a phone call (three day rule does not apply to text).

Randy Smith, VP of channel marketing at Samsung declared the mobile phone, " Officially a girl’s best friend." Well, at least for those 18-35.

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Katie Konrath July 22, 2007 at 4:31 pm

Oh dear… if we are what our phones are… then I’m ancient, unfaithful to a single provider, hard to break and pay-as-you-go!

Looks like I’ll just have to hide my European phone deep within my purse for the rest of my studies abroad!

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