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Virginia Heffernan – The Medium – Television – Internet Video – Media – Flickr – Photography – New York Times (tags: Flickr, photography, digital modern art, media) Categorized List of Social Media and Social Networking Websites | Traffikd (tags: lists, resources, social media)

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Steve Dale online » Top 100 Social Media Tools great list (tags: resources, social media, tools, web2.0) Visible Man – New York Times (The Guy Who Got Here Because He is Black) “As Michael Kingsley said on Charlie Rose the other day, perhaps we have come a long way in this country if the black… Continue reading links for 2008-04-25

American Airlines: Listen!

Earlier this week fellow St. Louisian Bob McCarty who writes the blog Bob McCarty Writes sent me a link for some photos he had taken at Lambert St Louis Airport of the American Airlines pilots who were apparently picketing for their cause,  customer service. Bob also posted about this. Bob asked in his post whether… Continue reading American Airlines: Listen!

AT&T: It Doesn’t Look Good, Girls.

AT&T announced layoff of 4600 workers yesterday. The article in today’s Wall Street noted that AT&T explained the layoff as mostly “white collar” jobs because  consumers are dropping their AT&T  landlines. They also announced that a similar number of new jobs would be created in more promising businesses such as wireless, television and broadband. AT&T… Continue reading AT&T: It Doesn’t Look Good, Girls.

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Search Insider » Blog Archive » Think You’re Strategic? Think Again. (tags: strategy, tactics) Real People Don’t Have Time for Social Media – ReadWriteWeb (tags: social media, participation, marketing) Creative Energy Behind ADHD (tags: adhd, learning, school , creativity)

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It’s Web 3.0, and Someone Else’s Content Is King – Advertising Age – Digital (tags: aggregator, content, web2.0) John Cleese’s Friendly Advice Machine (tags: web2.0 , Humor, data storage, tech) Searching for Tweets (tags: twitter) Functioning Form – VizThink 08: Bob Horn Interview (tags: design, Bob Horn)

Amazon MP3 Store, ITunes and Strategy

Wendy Davis writes today, “Around 90% of the people who purchase MP3s from Amazon have never used iTunes, according to the NPD report, as per Ars Technica. Additionally, the stores are attracting different customers, with men accounting for 64% of Amazon buyers, but just 44% of iTunes buyers.” She notes that the good news for… Continue reading Amazon MP3 Store, ITunes and Strategy

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Getting things done (simply) in Leopard (tags: MacBookPro, GTD, personal productivity) Getting things done (simply) in Leopard | Dennis Best (tags: GTD, MAC) Opinion: The top 25 overlooked and underrated features in Leopard (tags: Mac, Leopard, How to, features) Download YouTube Videos as MP4 Files (tags: MP4, YouTube)

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Guru Gilbert » Why you shouldn’t hit the snooze button, according to Tiger Woods I will be better tomorrow. (tags: success, potential, leadership)

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How We Tweet: The Definitive List of the Top Twitter Clients – ReadWriteWeb (tags: twitter, social media, twitter clients, data, metrics) Levi’s® and Fidelity both love engagement ring by spring (tags: engagement, Levi’s, Fidelity)