Forrester Marketing Forum 2008: Engagement and I

by Marianne Richmond on April 8, 2008

Brian Haven is talking about engagement… he says there are four ways to measure engagement, the Four I’s:

Interaction, Involvement, Intimacy, and Influence. But how do I know this? I am in St. Louis.

Unfortunately a family issue prevented me from attending the Forrester Marketing Forum today but right at this very minute Jeremiah Owyang is live streaming Brian Haven’s keynote at

Actually that is slightly innacurate, at this very minute he is live streaming Peter Kim’s Q&A of Haven’s keynote. Also, there is a chat room open on Meebo and Peter and Charlene Li are Twittering.

On Meebo, Jeremy Pepper says that the streaming has been great but he doesn’t type fast enough for Twitter and his blog. That is the challenge….all this social media brings everything to our doors; then we have to choose which open door to go through. It’s awesome!

Thanks Jeremiah and Forrester! Need to click publish or I will get behind.

Additionl Info: The Forrester Marketing Blog (re-design looks great BTW) has an embedded Meebo chat and Peter Kim has a post about how to keep up with the conference via Twitter, blogs, and Flickr.

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