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Managing Your Small Business’s Online Reputation – (tags: online customer search, experience reputation, Yelp,)

The Many Futures of Search

Lots of discussion lately about search and its future. Before we really have had time to decide if Bing was necessary to our search life or that the thought of Yahoo’s new homepage was interesting enough to take a look at, Ad Age reports that, “Yahoo is close to making Microsoft’s Bing its search provider.”… Continue reading The Many Futures of Search

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metacool: 4: Prototype as if you are right. Listen as if you are wrong. (tags: listening design change innovation learning)

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Marketing Small Businesses With Twitter – (tags: WOM twitter, business, small)

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10 Ways Universities Are Engaging Alumni Using Social Media (tags: twitter social marketing web2.0 socialmedia university) Painting the Enterprise Picture with Google Analytics » Adotas (tags: metrics google analytics segmentation)

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Marketing: Walmart Browbeats Marketers Over Ad Budgets – Advertising Age – News (tags: CPG walmart, Project impact,) GRC | Ultra High Security Password Generator   Ultra high security password generator (tags: tools privacy security, passwords,)

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10 Ways Universities Share Information Using Social Media (tags: twitter social socialmedia innovation education Facebook socialnetworking colleges university)

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Counselors Make Their Tour of Colleges a Long Workout – (tags: college admissions, highschool cycling, college, counselors,)