Social Media and Life: The Lesson of 2009

OK, so there are lots of 2009 lists and reviews circulating right now….some thoughtful, some funny and some thinly disguised attempts to lift one’s leg on social media’s grandest  hydrant of them all, social media expertise. I think the theory is that by being the creator of a “best social media something” list, one must… Continue reading Social Media and Life: The Lesson of 2009

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Facebook’s Openness and Your Privacy

Innovation is critical to business success. Innovate or die. I think we all understand that, right? Especially on the web when yesterday’s hot, new place is forgotten in the dust of today’s hot new place.  And a market is a terrible thing to waste. Hence, we have Facebook’s latest announcement on OUR new privacy tools.… Continue reading Facebook’s Openness and Your Privacy

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