Ready, Xfire, AIM: Axed again!l

There is a lot being written about the increasing use of Instant Messaging especially about teenagers. CNET reports the following from an AOL commissioned poll: "Nearly 66 percent of 13- to 21-year-olds say they send more IMs than e-mails, compared with 49 percent last year…   Overall, 38 percent of users say they send as… Continue reading Ready, Xfire, AIM: Axed again!l

Google Grants: Search Advertising for Non-Profits

USA Today ran a story today about Google Grants, the in-kind advertising program for non-profits utilizing Google Ad-Words. According to USA Today, Google has given away $33 million dollars to 850 non-profits over the last two years.To participate, an organization must have 501(c)(3)status, and share Google’s "philosophy of community service and have a strong mission to… Continue reading Google Grants: Search Advertising for Non-Profits

Core Assets and Social Capital

In Forrester Research’s weekly update,  Charlene Li writes, "Yahoo! bought social bookmarking and tagging leader to add bookmark tagging to its social computing portfolio. The value of tagging is that when individuals label something online, they call it out as valuable. If enough people tag Yahoo!-stored assets as, then the collective intelligence of the masses… Continue reading Core Assets and Social Capital

Leo Burnett: Packaged Good

Leo Burnett, a Publicis Group agency, has just launched a kind of non-profit American Idol called Packaged Good. Burnett is requesting proposals from non-profits that are in need of a marketing campaign. They are looking for an unknown entrepreneurial nonprofit with potential to become known, ala Habitat for Humanity. "Our goal, as always, is to… Continue reading Leo Burnett: Packaged Good

Harvard says, “Time to Think of the Blog as Your Friend.”

The Harvard Business School Newsletter asks the question, "Does Your Company Belong in the Blogosphere?" Their answer is yes: Bloggers have damaged a number of companies, but it’s time to think of the blog as your friend. Skillful blogging can boost your company’s credibility and help it  connect with customers. From Harvard Management Communication Letter.   … Continue reading Harvard says, “Time to Think of the Blog as Your Friend.”

Beta Marketing

The WSJ has an article today on technology companies use of beta tests as marketing tools. This is not really new news. TechNewsWorld titled an article "Software Firms Use Beta Tests to Build Buzz" several months ago and coined the term "beta mania" to describe the phenomenon. What I think is noteworthy about the widespread… Continue reading Beta Marketing

Client Expectations and Satisfaction Surveys

This post is about customer experience, this time from the vantage point of a client satisfaction survey…specifically law firms client satisfaction surveys. Rees Morrison of Law Department Management asked the question, "Does asking clients to assess the department raise their expectations for the future?" His answer was "Yes." He went on to say that customer… Continue reading Client Expectations and Satisfaction Surveys

Expectation and Customer Experience

This post has two purposes. The first is to discuss expectation and our overall customer experience as determined by customer service or tech support. Probably that is the experience you are expecting based upon the title.  The second, is to test what I have now called, the Mystery of the Technorati Tags.  The Technorati Tag… Continue reading Expectation and Customer Experience

What’s the Buzz?

The November issue of INC. has a fascinating article which describes how the blog, Delicious Destination whose intent was to create buzz, hit an initial buzzsaw from the blogosphere but was ultimately put back on course by the marketing savvy of Toby Bloomberg of Bloomberg Marketing. It seems that the blog has a fictional character… Continue reading What’s the Buzz?

Hype, Buzz, Budget, Blogs, and Commodity Products

A great post at Crossroads Dispatches really gets to the heart of why the UpYourBudget blog is a perfect example of great hype but not of a blog as buzz, word of mouth, or business building. She says, speaking as a customer, that "You know you’re a commodity when I have to look for the… Continue reading Hype, Buzz, Budget, Blogs, and Commodity Products