BUT What Will I Do With My OLD iPad??

I wrote recently about cutting the cord , i.e. canceling cable TV and watching TV programming online and “over the air.”  We did it in December and for me, so far so good. I haven’t decided whether its better…it probably isn’t. But then again, it’s not worse. It’s just different. My 18 year old son, Sam,… Continue reading BUT What Will I Do With My OLD iPad??

Amazon MP3 Store, ITunes and Strategy

Wendy Davis writes today, “Around 90% of the people who purchase MP3s from Amazon have never used iTunes, according to the NPD report, as per Ars Technica. Additionally, the stores are attracting different customers, with men accounting for 64% of Amazon buyers, but just 44% of iTunes buyers.” She notes that the good news for… Continue reading Amazon MP3 Store, ITunes and Strategy

HP: Customer Experience Disconnect

In May 2007 I purchased my youngest son an HP Pavilion Notebook so that he would have a bright shiny new laptop to start high school with in the fall. We looked at several different options but what tipped the scale towards HP was Eric Kintz. Eric and I had “connected” via our blogs but… Continue reading HP: Customer Experience Disconnect