Mack Changes Stats: A Visit to the Viral Garden

Mack Collier, social media curator extraordinaire, changed the stats this week on which he bases his Viral Garden Top 25 Marketing & Social Media Blogs from my blogging nemesis Technorati to Feedburner, specifically Feedburner subscribers.  (Thanks to Toby for the heads up!) For me, this switch produced several ironies….(not in order of importance) Irony #1… Continue reading Mack Changes Stats: A Visit to the Viral Garden

Dot-Chris: Exceeding Customer Expectations

As I thought about writing this blog post about how wonderful Chris at Dot-Chris Development is, I started thinking that many of my blog posts about service providers are critical; unmet expectations, unsatisfactory performance, poor customer experience. So although the purpose of this post is to recommend Chris, I thought it might be interesting to… Continue reading Dot-Chris: Exceeding Customer Expectations