ADD Parents

by Marianne Richmond on June 10, 2005

The Myomancy Blog posed an interesting question today regarding parenting and ADD: "Do you have ADHD style behaviors that you can learn to control and do you need to improve your own parenting skills?" 

An article from Attention Research Update indicated that a study conducted  EJ Harvey and reported in the Journal of Attention Disorders had shown that parents with ADD symptoms found it difficult to be consistent in enforcing rules and consequences and had an overly permissive parenting style. Of course all children do better with consistency in rules and consequences but for ADD kids structure, rules, and consistency are critical….unfortunately since ADD is highly heritable there is a high liklihood that their ADD parent is not going to provide much of it.

So….to all of us ADD parents with ADD kids: put the oxygen mask on ourselves first! Get organized, set schedules, make lists, write down rules and consequences for breaking them. Everyone in the household will benefit.

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