Baby Boomers Re-invent Retirement

by Marianne Richmond on June 26, 2005

The Christian Science Monitor reports the beginning of a new trend in retirement locations for baby boomers: the fastest growing "active adult" communities are in the snow belt not the sun belt. Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland. Developers are all over the Sun City without the sun concept.

The trend is fueled in part by the desire to stay closer to families as well as the trend toward remaining in the workforce longer than earlier retirees, albeit not always in the traditional sense of working part time. Boomers according to Marc Freedman of Civic Ventures and author of Prime Time: How Baby Boomers will Revolutionize Retirement and Transform America, boomers look at retirement as "freedom to work" and not only are volunteering their time but also starting non-profit ventures, starting foundations and clinics.

One amazing boomer is Jill Fallon, author, lawyer and entrepreneur who is developing software targeted at Boomers to help organize life’s bu sines affairs as well as life’s legacy in an electronic system called ESOL (TM). She writes three blogs, Legacy Matters, Estate Legacy Vaults, and the Busines of Life which cover ESOL (TM) as well as many topics of interest from Boomer life, Boomer business to Boomer death and much in between. Shel Israel has a great interview with Jill Fallon on Naked Conversations from a few weeks ago.

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