But Even the NBA Blogs

by Marianne Richmond on June 15, 2005

Today’s WSJ features a story by Walter Mossberg that reviews
MSN Spaces, Blogger, and Yahoo’s 360. Duncan Riley of Blog Herald covered MSN
Spaces a few weeks ago noting that it had reached 10MM users. By the way, Duncan Riley did a great Q&A call last night with Andy Wibbels of
EasyBakeWeblogs.…  EasyBakeWeblogs just won a 2005 Marketing Sherpa Best Blog Award.

Yahoo’s 360 was announced in March by bloggers in the know such as Corante and Forrester’s
Charlotte Li. Apparently Yahoo 360 ala GMail is by invitation only.  Geez, another party I wasn’t invited to. Don’t fret though, fellow wannabes, there is a waiting list

Blogger? Well let’s just say its virtues and vices have been well documented everywhere. See dismissal from Alan Jenkens .

Now, the realty interesting part of Mossberg’s article? Mossberg
states. “The hottest phenomen on the internet is blogging…but a whopping
62% of Americans still don’t know a blog is." What are these 62% of Americans doing….or reading, or listening to, or watching. Didn’t I read somewhere besides a blog that the NBA players have a blog?








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