Fat Cat

by Marianne Richmond on June 29, 2005

We have two cats, we were supposed to have one. Last summer we adopted a 13 month old part Maine Coon Cat named Michelle whose name was immediately changed by my sons to Tiger. They insisted she looked like a Tiger. She was meant to be a kind of starter pet….the kids really wanted a dog but being unconvinced by their promises to take care of a dog, I agreed to start with a lower maintenance cat. Not that I had ever had a cat before, or had ever met a cat that I especially liked, or in fact didn’t love dogs…it just seemed that at this time and place, a cat sounded like it made sense for us.

Well, Tiger apparently felt otherwise. She departed out the front door after she had been with us for about two weeks. We searched, put up "Lost Cat" signs but no Tiger. My younger son was heartbroken so we adopted a 9 week old kitten who was promptly named Tiger, Jr and called TJ. About a month later, our next door neighbor called and said that she thought our cat was living in her back yard and in fact she was. Her extended visit next door remains as mysterious as her departure but that is why we now have two cats. Two cats who seem to despise each other.

TJ, the kitten, grew up this past year….and then started to blow up. He kept getting fatter and fatter until the only way to describe him was FAT. Sweet, lovable, adorable, but a chow hound. Well…I wish that was where the story ended…but although we were concerned with his ever increasing girth as well as his newly lethargic lifestyle it was more in the context of discussing the fact that he was fat versus the harm in his being so fat. But then he started making these strange choking sounds every once in a while…we took him to the vet. The verdict…a very fat cat with a heart condition. TJ is now officially on a diet…prescription weight loss food and vets orders to lose 7 pounds. 7 pounds, you ask? Yes, it is a whole lot of weight. And TJ does not like his diet. He sits by his bowl and cries. We all feel bad for him. But, we adore our cats (who would have guessed) and we don’t want to lose him. So, we pat his head and tell him it is for his own good. Poor TJ.Tj2005_1


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