Good Thing There Isn’t a Tux Challenge

by Marianne Richmond on June 23, 2005

August 5, NYC…MeMe Roth hosts the Wedding Gown Challenge. Wear your dress from the BIG DAY to demonstrate that you have stayed fit and healthy and NOT BIG for all those years despite all those children in defiance of the obesity trend. 

OK, so what if the dress fits but not the glass slippers?  Can we still come to the ball if we’re divorced? 

Well, here are some interesting facts from the recent report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services–Marital Status and Health: United State, 1999-2002: Although being married is better for your overall health, "Obesity is the one health condition that does not follow the pattern.
Overall, married, middle-age men had the highest obesity rate, followed
closely by divorced men.
Among women, those cohabiting had the lowest
rate, followed closely by never-married and married women, "  writes Kjersten Oligney in Focus on Social Issues.

Sounds like its a good thing that there isn’t a Wedding Tux Challenge…the BIG turnout wouldn’t happen.

And headaches? "Women who had never been married were the least likely to suffer from headaches." Ok, it did go on to say "followed by married women"  but I couldn’t resist.

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