Headlines that Push Instead of Grab

by Marianne Richmond on June 20, 2005


  The headline, Finding
Time to Exercise
is the kind of headline that makes me not want to
read the article that follows. It makes me want to pretend I didn’t see it. I already know that I should exercise
more and I know why I should exercise more (Is there anyone out there
who doesn’t?)…but since this article was part of a series
of other things that we should find time for that I thought sounded more
interesting than exercise, I took note. I may not be obsessed with exercise but
I admit I am a little obsessed with completion…the
exercise article was part of the series so for me, it was all or nothing.

So, I read the article on exercise; after all, it was short and I did have a
little extra time. As it turned out, after all the usual shoulds and even President
Bush finds the time
the bottom line was to lower the bar really low….start with 10 minutes per
day and you can count going up and down steps. Sounds like a winning plan to me!

As I read the other “Finding Times” I noticed that they really were not
about finding time but rather about
making better use of time. For instance the article on finding time to read
suggested essentially having something to read with you at all times so that no
idle moment goes unread. I concur
wholeheartedly with that one…I just thought that behavior on my part was more about ADD than time management.

I did notice that the Finding Time to Exercise article was the
#3 most emailed article in the WSJ today…I guess it did grab attention after all.  Or, they just emailed it away.

Now, the #5 most emailed article did grab my attention, Why
Don’t Kids Do Chores Anymore
. My kids tell me that this is an absolute fact, phrased like this: “Mom, none of our
friends have to do chores.” I suggest then
that perhaps we not look at them as chores but as opportunities to learn skills
that their friends do not possess.

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