Is Your Boss a Psychopath?

by Marianne Richmond on June 23, 2005

Fast Company’s July Issue asks the question… and provides the assessment to officially provide the  answer to the question: Is your boss a psychopath? Now you can replace the less technical nom de guerre that you have been using to describe him/her, with the proper clinical terminology and the assessment score to support it.

Mind Hacks reported on the boss as psychopath in January in reference to a study conducted at the University of Surrey which reported that the managers they studied had higher incidences of histrionic, narcissistic, and compulsive disorders than psychiatric patients and hospitalized criminals although you will be comforted to know that the business managers scored lower on antisocial, borderline, and compulsive behavior disorders….although borderline and narcissistic behaviors are believed by many to be part of the same spectrum and difficult to distinguish between.

As an aside, Mind Hacks notes today that according to an article in US News narcissists are better able to handle trauma than the rest of us. Makes sense to me…remember what happened to the original Narcissist

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