Matching Socks

by Marianne Richmond on June 25, 2005

Matt Homann at the non{billable}hour posts a suggestion from Idea a Day about a sock sorter that works like a coin sorter…you feed in socks and the sorter matches them with their pairs. Unfortunately at our house (I have 2 sons) we don’t see many matching pairs of socks much past the time they are taken out of the package. I can’t exactly explain how or why this happens but few pairs of socks make it into the laundry and even few make it out. The ones that don’t make it into the laundry I frequently find under beds, in the back of closets or in bathrooms…the ones that don’t make it out of the laundry I never see again. I think a sock sorter that came with a sock locator might be a big idea for households with boys….Matt, I am sure your adorable daughter will not need the sock locator

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