One Size Fits All Coaching

by Marianne Richmond on June 22, 2005

More unbelievable promises from the One Size Fits all Land of  Coaching Can Doand unfortunately from some well respected people in the world of coaching. I opened up my email today and found the latest Coaching Insider. There was an offer for a free report in one of the columns, Coaching Any Owner in Any Business". I see way too much of this and it sends me right up on my soapbox.

C’mon, no exceptions? Any business? Any owner? No credibility right from the start. Then as I clicked on through the
program, I came to something that promised a little less, "How to Coach
Business Clients in Most Situations" Practicum_3


Coaching Insider’s Susan Austin has written an article
in this same issue that’s entitled "What’s Authentic About Hiding From the
Truth?" that is critical of the "unspoken rule" of the coaching
profession requiring that everything be presented only in the most positive light.

She writes, "But do we coach our clients to look at life only through
rose-colored glasses? Of course not! We help them navigate both the high points
and the hard stuff. You have to look under the hood and see what drives you,
what your strengths are and what your blind spots are."

Well, that is how we should coach our clients and it is how we should
write books and articles. Instead of "Here Is How Anybody Can Do Anything And Be Successful At It Whatever It Is".  One of the
books reviewed
Seconds_cover_4in this issue tells me that I can change my life in 60 seconds with the
tips inside…..well, pass it over here will ya?

As I looked a little closer at
the book review, it seems that the book gives "short tips" on
personal growth…short as in paragraph length. One of them starts out,
"For one hour today step into the role of the person you want to
be…."  Oh, you meant change my life in 60 minutes.

I really do like reading Coaching Insider…and I am not questioning
the talent and expertise of the coaches who are associated with it….I just
really think that books, courses and articles that use the snake oil approach do the entire coaching profession a huge disservice.

And, it is okay for coaches to promise "easy"  if it is for
something achievable, like say starting a blog or building a better one….and the coaches and/or authors can and do deliver
on the promise. And yes qauntify who can learn from your instruction…not everybody, Dummie. Easybake_weblogs_cover_2



Let’s market and coach like the blog and business coaches….Easy Bake me a blog, not my life.

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