Yes, Criticism Hurts

Criticism hurts. It is meant to. Level the playing field and disagree instead of judging with ciriticism.

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Life Imitating Art

Recent reports of increased aggressive behavior among birds and an increase of birds attacking humans. Foreshadowing by Hitchcock.

Childhood Depression

The New York Times  reports of an Australian study of childhood depression that found that the factors usually associated with childhood depression such as dysfunctional families and poor communication styles had little effect on whether a child becomes depressed. Dr. Jake Najman, the lead author and a professor of sociology at the University of Queensland… Continue reading Childhood Depression

Divorce and Your Health

Todays Wall Street Journal reported a new study to be released at the upcoming Coalition for Marriage Conference showing that being divorced for long periods of time is related to increased liklihood of heart or lung disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke and also to loss of mobility later in life. Also noteworthy: Don’t… Continue reading Divorce and Your Health

But Even the NBA Blogs

The WSJ reviews MSN Spaces, Blogger, and Yahoo 360 in an article entitled “Taking the Mystery Out of Blog Creation” but most Americans haven’t heard of blogs.

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