PLease Tell Me I Did Not Unwittingly Support This?

by Marianne Richmond on June 23, 2005

My 12 year old son asked me to buy him some Axe the other day which was surprising enough…if you remember the Charlie Brown character with the cloud of dirt over his head you will be on your way to understanding my surprise. Unfortunately, I made the purchase. USA Today reported today that Viral Advertising Spreads Through Marketing Plans and as a related story under the headline, Advertisers Try New Ways to Get Their Man  reported that Axe deoderant gets them often,

" Axe marketers see these young men as multimedia consumers. So the top-selling deodorant brand in the world is mixing a Web site and ads with targeted TV commercials, such as on MTV, and even an Axe video game ( that launched online Monday. Players get points for using seduction tools to pick up women. "This consumer target … may be watching TV, but he also has his computer on, he’s chatting to friends, playing a video game. Multiple things are happening," says Esther Lem, head of brand development fo Unilever Deodorant."

Players get points for using seduction tools to pick up women?  Ok, I have a real problem with that…Does anyone else?

Pass the Old Spice!

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