Who has the passion?

by Marianne Richmond on June 6, 2005

The word passionate kept appearing on my radar screen this weekend, regardless of the venue.  think it started when bloghopping took me from a post on Backup Brain to one on Creating Passionate Users The discussion was about Microsoft’s tagline, "Your potential, our passion." The point that was being made was I believe, who had the potential and who had the passion…in other words, Microsoft’s passion was allowing us to realize our potential. We might someday hope to turn our potential into passion, through using their products that were develped through their passion. Right now, though, we were just passionate- in -training. The discussion then looped around to Apple who apparently appeals to the all ready passionate.

These thoughts stayed with me when the next day I was in a discussion about youth sports coaching….coaches who are foremost passionate about the kids, versus coachers who are foremost passionate about the sport. We concluded that coaches passionate about the kids have an empowering, teaching style of coaching while coaches passionate about the sport, generally coach by instruction and intimidation. Maybe its a version of, there are two kinds of coaches in the world, those that empower the kids or those that put them down and the difference is in where the passion lies: for the kids or for the sport.

And back to Microsoft versus Apple, Creating Passionate Users wrote, " Apple gets love because Apple makes users feel like they kick ass. Not just feel it… do it." The coach that is passionate for the kids makes the kids feel like they kick ass…. the coach that is passionate about the sport just kicks.

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