Women Owned Business

by Marianne Richmond on June 20, 2005

Today’s WSJ StartupJournal notes that Sheri Redstone, 51 is expected to be named CEO of Viacom in an article entitled Biz Talent May Blossom After Kids Are Raised. Ms. Redstone was a stay at home Mom until she divorced and her father dissuaded her from getting a social work degree and convinced her to join the family business. The family business was Viacom, and Ms. Redstone’s father is of course Sumner Redstone. Although this isn’t the midlife career path most of us can count on, nonetheless the article is making the point that Ms. Redstone did not discover her business acumen until midlife.

The article notes that there are 10.6mm women owned businesses today employing 19mm women and that 2 out of 3 new businesses being launched are owned by women. There are a number of interesting blogs/blawgs being written by women business owners and work at home Moms such as, Build a Better BlogBad Mother, Midlife Mama, My Shingle with an interesting post here today, Shortcuts So You Can Benefit From Blogs, Deborah’s Proposal Writing Blog, Small Business Trends, who’s most recent post highlights another woman owned business owner at Small Biz Sense and notes her inspirational post about Finding Someone to Help when we are stuck. There are many many others. Do you have a favorite?

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