WSJ on Email

by Marianne Richmond on June 10, 2005

Real Time
WSJ columnists Jim Hanrahan and Jason Fry wrote today that when their
email went out for a day it became clear just how dependent we have
become on email….projects, tasks, phone numbers, reminders all seem
to beheld together through email access. And then there is that
haunting fear of missing something!

"The worst part of the Day the Email Died was the
disruption of routines and rhythms that had almost become subconscious.
At a news site like, email is a key tool to remembering the 37
small tasks that have to get done in the next hour to make sure the
site is updated and we have all the right links and charts in the works
– a written backup for the in-one-ear-out-the-other  

attention deficits
that are the hallmark of publishing a real-time news site."

But, couldn’t those attention deficits have been caused by email to begin with? See Stupidity by Email and let me know what you think is the cause and what you think is the effect.


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