A Confession

by Marianne Richmond on July 5, 2005

I previously wrote a post that was critical of Axe deodorant’s shamelessly sexist advertising targeted at adolescent boys and noted that I had purchased some of their deodorant for my own son without realizing HOW low they were going. Well, a friend sent me an email today with an article   from the Washington Post, "Aimed at Guys, Axe Really Smells–Like Money". I had to email back a confession…I bought more AXE.

The first mistake was no doubt being at the store with my son to begin with…I know better, but we were on a different mission where his presence was necessary. As we walked towards the desired aisle, an AXE body wash end-aisle display came into his field of vision. "I will take more showers," he coaxed. I demanded a definition of "more" since his summer definition of "shower" was "swimming pool".

What’s a mother to do? I caved. I sold out in the name of cleanliness, but a sell-out nonetheless.

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