Do We Know and When Did We Know IT?

by Marianne Richmond on July 21, 2005

Americans clueless about RSS: study

Duncan Riley of Blog Herald posted the results from a Pew Internet Study which finds Americans "clueless" about RSS (91%) and podcasting (87%). The full study is available  here. Duncan has posted previously on the number of bloggers and the topic of surveys that challenge the importance of blogging, RSS, and podcasting and I agree with his disdain for these numbers and those publishing them.

The point is: Blogs, RSS, Podcasting and whatever communication tools follow are really good, important things, they are here to stay, they are influential, those who don’t know what they are should be taught from those who do know what they are. I think the smart number crunchers will focus on those who" know" and stop worrying about the "clueless"…..stop trying to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titantic of the "old media" and start rowing toward the future!

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