Hello…RFID: We CAN Keep Track of Sexual Predators

by Marianne Richmond on July 12, 2005

As I listen to the media and the politicians discuss "keeping track" of sexual predators in light of the most recent tragedies of Jessica Lunsford and then Shasta and Dylan Groene using language that essentially says, too bad so sad…we can’t keep track of them, I wonder why? Why we don’t seem to want to keep track of them?

Here is one example of this nonsense from Fox News:

"U.S. Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, is trying to push
a bill through Congress that would help keep better track of convicted
sex offenders. The
Child Predator Act of
2005 would, among other things, require states to specify that a
convicted predator must report a change of address within 10 days after
the change of address takes effect. The law would also require that
offenders notify schools, public housing and at least two media outlets
of their whereabouts. Penalties for not complying with the law could
mean up to two years in prison or hefty fines, according to the



The bill also calls on the FBI to set up an Internet site that includes a recent photograph and address of child predators.

Ok, so these known repeat criminals who prey on our children are supposed to tell us who they are and where they are and if they don’t they could go back to jail for up to two years or receive a "hefty fine"???? Huh? Don’t they usually "tell us" by striking again??? And aren’t they considered "untreatable"??

It is completely mystifiying to me that we act so incredibly stupid about this….the technolocy most certainly exists to keep track of these criminals….we can keep track of our tools through RFID technology, WalMart can manage their inventory through RFID technology and we can use microships for our lost pets.
So, why is it we can keep track of sexual predators? And the same for restraining orders…why is a restraining order issued for an abuser as if that alone will eliminate the risk. The families of those murdered under retraining orders wonder that also.

We have the technology…WHY don’t we use it?

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