If You Need Another Reason To Love Blogs

by Marianne Richmond on July 4, 2005

Well, I was all ready planning on homemade ice cream to complete our 4Th of July dinner but was still trying to decide on a flavor.  The ice cream maker belongs to my son and for several weeks we have been talking about getting it out and cranking it up…..since he has been preoccupied with his snow cone maker lately, it has really been me talking about it and him shaking his head in disinterested agreement versus the constant reminders to get on it Mom signaling real interest. However, we have adult guests coming over for dinner and I’m thinkin’ ice cream….the kids can try the new root beer flavor snow cone syrup

So…as I perused my Blogline feeds I noticed that Diva Marketing had a post entitled Ice Cream which was raving about a certain ice cream recipe that was available at the Amateur Gourmet. The picture of the concoction was enough to convince me of what we would be having post fireworks tonight.

So, Happy 4Th….I am off to the store (for the 92ND time today). This recipe has our name all over it! Thanks Diva and Amateur Gourmet!

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