Summer Camp!

by Marianne Richmond on July 14, 2005

Podcasting_bootcamp_120_x_90I am really excited to say that I just signed up to go to Andy Wibbel’s podcasting boot camp…sounds like perfect summer camp for me: air conditioning, my laptop, my cell phone, a really fun camp counselor, no equipment lists that include mosquito repellent or a snake bite first aid kit and you don’t even have to leave home to get something that is HOT!

Maybe that is the best thing about podcasts…you don’t have to leave home but you can.

Also, Andy has an awesome blogging class and ebook both of which I can highly recommend….EasyBake Weblogs.Easybakeweblogs_3dbox_196_x_258

If you have questions about blogging, say about 40…he has the answers to them and a free special report.

Check it all out. I’m off to Podcamp!

BTW:Andy’s classes are valuable in and of themselves but when you see the
prices for some of the other blogging and podcasting classes being
offered, you will know just how    great the value of Andy’s classes really

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