And What IS the Everyday Woman?

by Marianne Richmond on August 17, 2005

The New York Times reports the following today: "Madison Avenue is increasingly interested in using everyday women in advertising instead of just waifish supermodels." This new "insight" is attributed to Unilever’s Dove Brand which is of course reassuring since these are the folks that bring us Axe advertising, a topic I have posted about several times.  It seems that everyone from Nike to Chicken of the Sea has adopted the everyday woman who is apparently older, wrinkled and has a  big butt. Chicken of the Sea was last seen with Jessica Simpson so I am not sure if their new advertising is good news or bad news.

So….why this change you ask? Well, some say because women are the majority buyers of "these" products. Others say "aging baby boomers." Still another opinion was "reality television".

And I say? Puh-leeze! Am I lost in a recurring nightmare of "insights" from ad people? It is comforting to know  that it has been a long time since I took home a paycheck from an ad agency. Its hard to decide what is sillier….the campaigns or our worst nightmare, advertisers with insights! As Ageless Marketing’s David Wolfe wrote, "Nike’s Just Do it Just Blew It." Indeed, Nike has "come a long way, baby" from "Just Do It" to "Big Butts"…just in the wrong direction, baby boomer.

Wonder Marketing asks the best question of Weiden & Kennedy in a conference room role play: "Who are you trying to reach with this ad?" I think the answer is obvious: Ourselves of course! We developed this campaign for ourselves because that is the only reality we get.

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