Andy Milonakis

by Marianne Richmond on August 11, 2005

My kids and I have several TV shows that we watch together with some regularity but with no particular rhyme or reason. I will confess them now: Roseanne and Murphy Brown on Nick@Night and Saturday Night Live. I never watched Roseanne when it was on prime time and Murphy Brown I never missed. Saturday Night Live and I go waaay back together although there were many seasons that were just plain b-a-d. My kids and I have found the last several seasons really funny. Go figure!

Now this post is about Andy Milonakis who I know nothing about other than one day my youngest son, Sam was watching him and I stopped because Andy was singing a song with a cutout pancake on his head…for whatever reason I found him hysterically funny. Andy is a very funny guy if you like his humor. We have been watching ever since….actually Sam was watching before as was my older son Forrest. Now, we all love Andy! I am not sure why.

Andy is in Wikipedia. Andy has a blog. Andy gets mentioned on other blogs. Andy is in USA Today. Andy is everywhere. What do you think?

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