M&Ms and Books Supersize

by Marianne Richmond on August 12, 2005

Today’s New York Times reported two size increases …M&Ms and paperback books. Because as we Baby Boomers age we struggle with the small print size of paperback books, several publishers are issuing some books in a new Baby Boomer friendly print size. M&Ms are apparently now available in a supersize called Mega M&Ms. They are 55% larger and a Mars senior marketing manager is quoted as saying that M&Ms have historically been about sharing and that the larger size is "in tune with that."

Well, as a small print challenged Boomer I am all for the larger paperbacks…but as a Boomer who has been watching those M&Ms dive into the chocolate and promise to "melt in your mouth not in your hands" forever,  I don’t recall ANYTHING about sharing. A quick trip to the M&M website did not produce any evidence of a "sharing" strategy. The NYT article challenged the sharing strategy more directly by saying that in fact M&Ms are the perfect food for stealth eaters…the package can be hidden while the size of the candy itself allows them to be eaten without anyone noticing. I guess especially easy to do if you are hiding from Baby Boomers without their reading glasses. Maybe the new supersized 55% larger Mega M&Ms are really are "all about" the new supersized 55% larger us….60% of Americans are overweight and 20% are obese.

And as far as sharing M&Ms…well as we all know, they DO melt in our hot little hands  and we really like to take them from our own  package or bowl, not someone else’s hands.

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