More Sleaze from Banfield Pet Inhospitable

by Marianne Richmond on August 6, 2005

After being subjected to the attempted deceptive Wellness Plan tactics at Banfield Pet on Thursday and having them abuse my cat earlier today, I opened today’s mail to find yet another example of their tactics. After repeatedly telling them that I was not renewing their plan today’s letter informed me that my credit card was approaching its expiration date and that they needed the new expiration date for my card to continue to use my card for my wellness plan payments.

Hel-lo… need my permission to continue to use my credit card which you do not have. My credit card does in fact have an end of August expiration date but fortunately it turns out, it also has a new credit card number since I never received the new card. I assume the number change is the problem that they are having using my credit card…I am guessing that an expiration date wouldn’t have stopped them from charging my card for continuing their Wellness Plan beyond my cancellation request.

My favorite part? "It’s our vision to treat your Pet like family, and we thank you for entrusting your Pet’s health to us." Their vision is my pet and my family’s nightmare. Apparently their tag-line is "Treating Your Pet Like Family". They must have some crazy family!

As an aside, when we adopted one of our cats the adoption people suggested that we have a RFID tag implanted so she would not get lost but not to use the one’s from Banfield because they didn’t "work". A google search for RFID turns up lots of interesting information on this Banfield fiasco…it seems Banfiel’s RFID tags couldn’t be read by the animal shelters . Whoops!

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