Not Quite Six Feet Under Yet

by Marianne Richmond on August 20, 2005

Well I could blame it on our recent four day power outage but that would only partially explain my confusion. You see, I thought Six Feet Under had ended  two weeks ago with Nate’s death. OK, so I was multi-tasking while watching, which I am slowly accepting is a bad thing. But it seemed to be an appropriate place to end…from Dallas and J.R. to Seinfeld’s Susan, Buffy and who can forget Rosalind Shays’ fall down the elevator shaft on LA Law?? Come to think of it though…I don’t think I remember who did shoot JR and although I always look down before getting in an elevator since watching that episode of LA Law, it may not have been a finale.

But, the good news I guess, is that Sunday August 21st is the Six Feet Under Series finale and Nate is already dead. Certainly, no need to kill off anyone else. Anyway, I will be watching…. thanks to B.L. Ochman’s Weblog for posting the question about why the Six Feet Under characters weren’t blogging. If she hadn’t, I might have missed it. Now, we can blame the power outage for Sam missing the Andy Milonakis season finale…and he assures me that there will not be re-runs. At least Andy blogs.

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